Top Causes Of Male Hair Loss

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Top Causes Of Male Hair Loss In this fast going world there are so many problems that keep on bothering us. Like women, men are also undergoing many problems and difficulties in today’s times. In today’s generation men are suffering from tension and anxiety of looking perfect, attractive and of course the most charming men to their women.

Generally, there were complaints registered regarding the serious issue of hair loss from women but now the same problem is encountered by a large number of men folk which keeps on bothering them and has disturbed their peace of mind. . There are many causes of hair loss in men and we will go through all of them. The various causes of hair loss in men have been explained below for your knowledge:-

Causes Of Male Hair Loss

Hereditary Problems

One of the major causes, we can say for hair loss in men, is due to heredity problems. Many people have hair loss problems rooted in their blood and they suffer this due to heredity of the problem. This can be a bothering issue from generations to generations and is passed on gradually.

Some of the male hormones are extremely sensitive and because of that, the problem of hair loss persists due to which a large number of young men face the severe problem of trouble caused due to hair loss.

Side Effect of Medication

A yet another cause of hair loss in men is you can of course relate to some kind of disease in the past history or that is being faced at the present. Every individual’s body constituents are different from each other and each medicine produces a different effect for each individual and if the medicine causes some negative reaction then many men encounter this problem of hair loss which creates an over burden to them.

causes of male hair loss

Whenever you take heavy medications, see to it that you do not overdo it. Also, take care that you do not take medicines without doctor’s prescription and do not get addicted to medicines. The reason behind this is that some medicines also cause the side effect of hair loss.

Anxiety, Tension and Trauma

The other cause of hair loss in men, as you can describe as some of the men may have gone through some severe or physical trauma which triggers the anxiety and tension level and suddenly without being partially or fully aware they start facing the problem of hair loss and the hair just starts withering away gradually and suddenly without the awareness of the individual and this is considered as a really quite serious issue for hair loss in men.

Whenever you face any trauma or tensions, see to it that you work on them and try to curb them or it would affect your hair in a bad manner.

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Hormonal Changes in Men

There is also one more cause of hair loss in men which is related to hormonal changes and that can be very well termed as “Male Menopause”. As in females, men also face such issue of disturbance of hormonal levels in their body and that declines the ability of men to cope up with changes happening in their body. This results in one of the major issue of hair loss in men. It is usually seen at a later stage of life in men.

Changes in Bodily Fluids Due to External Factors

The other cause which hardly comes to our mind generally especially for men is “Thyroid Problem” Even in male the functioning of the other hormones of the body is affected when this thyroid gland creates problems in proper functioning and it creates a great impact on hair becoming dry, split-ends, texture becoming rough and it gradually causes hair loss in men if the situation is not brought under control.

Male Hair Loss

Thus, the various causes of hair loss in men can be stated in a gist as follows. If we generalize it, then hair loss occurs due to many reasons like if you are under severe stress and pressurized and you succumb under stress this problem of hair loss can be triggered, a certain level of anxiety may also be responsible for this, problems of certain level of nutrition level needed by the body and which can cause malnutrition problems can definitely cause hair loss, if your hair is not getting enough nourishment you may face the problem of hair loss, certain reactions caused due to some brand of shampoo or oil and many more of such causes like the ones explained above that trouble your sleep and peace of mind.