Therapeutic usage of Pranayama--- Pranayama For Clearing The Nostrils
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Control of Breath – Pranayama.

Benefits of Pranayama & Techniques for Clearing the Nostrils

Pranayama For Clearing The Nostrils

Benefits of Pranayama: This pranayama removes the obstructions from the nostrils. If this pranayama is performed during bouts of cold, they get cured very fast. This exercise is tremendously helpful in clearing the nostrils. This exercise can relieve the children suffering from terrible cold. Cold is not a disease. It is the natural reaction of the body against the changes in the weather. The body tries to cope up with the cold, but after a while, it starts excreting all that is not agreeable to it. Running nose is a result of this. This exercise helps in curing the cold.

Pranayama Techniques:

Close the nostril from which the breathing is happening and close it by pressing with a finger.

Perform poorak through the other nostril very slowly.

It is followed by a quick r echak through the same nostril.

Then follow the process with the other nostril.

Perform poorak and rechak this way alternately from both the nostrils for about five to ten minutes.

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