Therapeutic usage of Pranayama---Pranayama For Fever Caused By Excessive Heat Or Cold
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Control of Breath – Pranayama.

Pranayama Benefits, Techniques for Fever

Pranayama For Fever Caused By Excessive Heat Or Cold.


Fevers are caused either by excessive heat or excessive cold. These are caused by weather changes or food consumption. It is possible to get to know the kind of fever one has got with the help of Swara science. This can be identified by observing the breathing pattern. If the breathing is taking place from the left nostril before or after catching the fever, it is due to cold. If breathing is identified to be taking place from the right nostril, then it is due to heat. If both nostrils are working the fever caused can be fatal. It is believed that death is sure to happen if both swaras remain active continuously.

Pranayama Benefits: It is believed that if the fever is following a certain pattern, it can be cured using this pranayama. A fever that normally takes about ten days to cure with modern medicine practices can be cured within three or four days with this.

Pranayama Technique:

If the fever is caused by cold and the breathing is happening from the left nostril, a piece of thin, clean cloth and cotton wool is placed in the left nostril. Then the patient is made to lie on his left side. The symptoms disappear soon.

If the fever is due to heat and right nostril is breathing, a clean cloth and cotton wool is placed in the right nostril. The body comes at the normal temperature soon.

If the breathing is identified to be happening from both the nostrils the first thing to do is not to panic. Prayer and meditation helps in such a situation. If the patient is too fragile to do them then the family members should do it on his behalf. Communication with God helps in strengthening the confidence and bonds of love.

The patient should be made to lie down on the left side during the day with the cloth placed in the right nostril.

The cloth should be placed in the right nostril at night so that the breathing takes place with the left nostril.

The idea is not to negate the practices of modern medicine. But sometimes it is seen that a perfectly healthy person dies of simple fever. This may be controlled by this pranayama.

Telling the patient to concentrate on something white or made of silver helps in curing the fever faster.

The practice should be stopped once the patient is cured completely.

If the practice of checking the breathing from both nostrils is made into a habit and points no. 4 and 5 practiced regularly a person can live a long and healthy life.

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