Therapeutic usage of Pranayama---Pranayama For Dental Disorders
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Control of Breath – Pranayama.

Pranayama Benefits and Techniques for Dental Disorders

Pranayama For Dental Disorders

Pranayama Benefits: This pranayama is very beneficial for dental disorders like weak and bleeding gums, weak roots and other associated disorders.

Pranayama Technique:

Sit with legs stretched in front.

Bend the left foot and place it on the right thigh. Now similarly place the right foot on the left thigh.

Crossing both the arms hold the toe of the right foot with the right hand and the toe of the left foot with the left hand. Try to pull the toes slightly.

Close the jaws just so that air can pass through the teeth.

Perform poorak through the mouth so that a whistling sound is produced.

Retain breath for as long as the body can take it comfortably.

After this perform rechak very slowly through both the nostrils.

Increase the duration of the whole pranayama practice to forty to forty-five minutes slowly.

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