Therapeutic usage of Pranayama--- Tivra Ushnadata Pranayama
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Control of Breath – Pranayama.

Pranayama Exercises Benefits and Techniques

Tivra Ushnadata Pranayama

Pranayama Benefits: This is a very remarkable pranayama. It can generate excessive heat in the body. It is used by Lamas from Tibet as a selection process for further training. The candidates are made to sit in the snowfall and rains with wet clothes on. If they are able to survive the intense cold, remain alive till the morning and their clothes dry up with the body heat, they are selected. This pranayama can make a person sweat profusely even during a snowfall.

This pranayama cures joint pains also. It can transform the semen for the purpose of regeneration. The people who practice this pranayama always look radiant and full of energy.

Pranayama Technique:

Sitting down in Siddhasana, perform poorak through both the nostrils.

Then slowly perform rechak.

Repeat the process a little more quickly.

Keep on increasing the speed of poorak and rechak and repeat them continuously.

The breath should be able to vibrate the abdomen and lungs for complete effect of this pranayama.

The breath should roar into the system.

When the body starts sweating profusely, stop performing the poorak and rechak.

End the pranayama by performing cleansing breath exercise.

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