Therapeutic usage of Pranayama--- Sheet Nirodhak Pranayama
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Control of Breath – Pranayama.

Pranayama Benefits & Techniques of Sheet Nirodhak Pranayama

Sheet Nirodhak Pranayama Benefits: This pranayama warms up the body and is very useful during winter months to maintain adequate body warmth for satisfactory functioning of all bodily functions.

Sheet Nirodhak Pranayama Technique:

Sitting down with both the legs stretched in front, bend the left knee and position it such that the left heel is placed under the anus and the sole of the foot touches the right thigh.

Take a deep and long poorak from the right nostril.

Fix the gaze on the tip of the nose.

Encircling the toes of the right foot with both hands tighten the grip.

Then perform Jalandhar Bandh in this posture and bend the head and place the forehead on the right knee. This is also called Jaanushirshsana.

Remain in this asana while performing the kumbhak also.

Slowly come back to the erect position.

Slowly perform rechak through the left nostril.

Now change the posture by interchanging the position of hands and legs. This time perform rechak through the right nostril.

This completes one round of the exercise.

Without resting repeat the process till the whole body stars sweating. The exercise has to be stopped only the whole body feels sufficiently warm.

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