Therapeutic usage of Pranayama---Pranayama For Purifying The Blood
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Control of Breath – Pranayama.

Pranayama Benefits and Techniques for Purifying Blood

Pranayama For Purifying The Blood

Pranayama Benefits: This is a pranayama that is known to purify the blood and impart unusual radiance to the body. This pranayama can be performed for a short time many times during the course of the day. This pranayama also helps in controlling hunger, thus helping in controlling dietary disorders and obesity. Also it helps in controlling excessive lust. It is useful for controlling excessive heat in the body. The resultant disorders like fever caused by heat, pimples, boils, chronic dyspepsia, enlargement of stomach, biliousness and all breathing disorders.

Pranayama Technique:

Sit in an asana that is comfortable for the individual. Then make the lips protrude. The tongue should also touch the lips and it should be rolled like a pipe. Perform poorak this way. After inhaling the mouth should be closed.

Perform kumbhak after the breath reaches the abdomen.

Now perform rechak with both nostrils.

This pranayama should not be performed in busy and polluted atmospheres. It should also not be performed under a tree or in a stuffy room where any kind of lamps are burning.

Also this pranayama has to be performed only when the food is completely digested.

In any case, the body should not get into a position of heavy panting after rechak.

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