The Science of Tattva Sadhana
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Control of Breath – Pranayama.

The Science Of Tattva Sadhana

The human body, according to the ancient texts is made up of five elemental energies or tattvas that occur in the nature. These are earth, water, fire, air and sky. Emerging of the tattvas is called rising and their fusion is called laya. These five tattvas rise and unite in a particular order which is dependent on the sun or the moon. Surya swara and Chandra swara are also caused in the body because of these tattvas. This is described in detail in the Science of Swara Sadhana.

Different yogic schools of thoughts believe these tattvas to be placed at different parts of the body. The prominent beliefs are:

The five tattvas are placed at different places on the spine. The earth tattva is placed at the end of the spine; the water tattva is placed near the thigh joint. Little above this is fire tattva. Above this is the air tattva and the sky tattva is placed at the top of all these.

Another belief recognizes the placement of tattvas as follows. The earth tattva is placed between the feet and knees. The water tattva is between knees and rectum. The air tattva is between heart and centre of eyebrows. The sky tattva is placed between the eyebrows and the head.

Some other texts recognize the position of tattvas as follows. The earth tattva is placed in the knees. The water tattva is in the soles of the feet. The fire tattva is in the upper part of the shoulders. The air tattva is in the root of the navel. The sky tattva is in the brain.

There are several other beliefs also propagated by different schools of thoughts. But in essence all universally believe that the tattvas are existent in key parts of the body. These five tattvas show different properties. These can be shown as follows:

Tattva Colour Form Property

  1. Earth yellow quadrangular smell
  2. Water white half-moon taste
  3. Fire red triangular beauty
  4. Air green round touch
  5. Sky transparent formless sound

In order to feel and experience the presence of tattvas, it is recommended to do a simple exercise that would make all the tattvas visible with a little practice. After closing the ears with the thumbs, place the index fingers on the eyes and close the eyes. Close the nostrils with the middle fingers, and close the lips with ring fingers and little fingers. Then focus all attention to the centre of the eyebrows. After intense concentration for a few days it would be possible to see the colour and forms of different tattvas.

Tattva Sadhana is the science of controlling and regulating the tattvas in the body. The Tattva Sadhana is very closely related with Swara Sadhana; in fact both are dependent on each other. They are supposed to be done in coordination with each other. The order of rise and fusion of tattvas is different for Surya swara and Chandra swara.

The five elemental energies are called Panch Mahabhoot in Sanskrit. It is believed that controlling and regulating these tattvas helps an individual to master them within a short while. The control of elemental energies gives extraordinary control to the individual on all his bodily functions. The beneficial factors of Tattva Sadhana extend to acquiring extra ordinary powers by the human beings. Whatever one desires by the elemental energies can be received by doing Tattva Sadhana.

The following steps are to be taken for Tattva Sadhana.

  • The tattvas of Chandra swara are to be practiced first.
  • Two swaras and two tattvas should never be practiced in one day.
  • The tattva practice should be according to the order of the tattvas and the swaras being practiced.
  • A picture of the tattva that is to be practiced should be placed in front of the eyes at a distance so that the exhaled breath can reach it.
  • Tratak should be performed after this with full concentration and devotion.
  • Every aspect of the breathing speed should be monitored carefully during Tratak. The breathing exercises should be carefully studied and practiced with intense care.

Swara Sadhana and Tattva Sadhana are parts of breathing exercises that are directed towards the elemental energies of the body. Seeing the cycle of birth and death it is clear that the human body dies and gets dispersed into these basic elements. New life takes birth and has all the elemental energies existing in the newly acquired body. Thus the life keeps revolving around these basic elements and remains omnipresent in the universe.

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