Associated Exercises of Pranayama--- Exercise For Development Of Intellect
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Control of Breath – Pranayama.

Exercises and Benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama Exercise For Development Of Intellect

Usage and Benefits of Pranayama: This can be used by anyone who wants to develop his intellect. People like writers, philosophers, artists and others indulging in mental activities benefit greatly from it. This exercise improves memory and comprehension becomes sharper. The muscles of arms, chest and back become strong. Blood circulation to the brain improves tremendously.

Pranayama Technique:

Standing straight inhale a deep and complete breath and retain it.

Spread the arms in front at the chest level and fold the elbows and place them on the shoulders. Contract the arm muscles so that the hands close in a tight fist and a light vibration is felt in them.

Continue with the breath retention keeping the fists closed.

The fists are to be brought in front, while putting the same pressure on the muscles and while retaining the breath. Return the fists to the shoulders.

When it becomes hard to continue retention, air should be exhaled from the mouth.

Inhale and exhale a few times fast, as if one is out of breath.

Take a few deep breaths.

Repeat the above procedure three or four times.

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