Therapeutic Applications Of Yoga Nidra
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Yoga for Complete Relaxation – Yoga Nidra.

Yoga nidra has immense potential in therapy and it must increase in the times to come as its potential is fully comprehended by psychologists, doctors and other people in the practice of alternate medicine and healing procedures. The best thing is that yoga nidra can be utilized by itself or along with other medical procedures for treatment of different ailments.

Yoga nidra has been found extremely useful in treatment of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, coronary heart disease, arthritis, and other degenerative and stress related situations. Psychosomatic diseases like asthma, peptic ulcers, migraines and others have also been treated favourably with yoga nidra. It has a calming effect in rehabilitation and geriatrics, where problems like intractable pain, loss of motivation and psychological depression block the way of conventional treatment. Anyhow, yoga nidra can play a vital role in prevention of diseases in healthy people. It can thwart the development of ailments related with stressed out lifestyle and nutritional disorders. It can enhance efficiency and productivity and help the people to live longer and healthier lives. Here some diseases are covered in detail where yoga nidra has worked wonders.

Psychological disorders: The people who have failed at receiving help from a psychiatrist for any reason have an option of dealing with their own problems by using the methods of yoga nidra. They can ask for help from a friend or family member and work the procedure in a non-intrusive environment. Alternately professional help can also be sought. But this method can be practiced in complete privacy and so has higher acceptance levels for the people who for any reason do not want to admit the need for psychological or psychiatric help.

Insomnia: Yoga nidra imparts efficient treatment of insomnia. Many sufferers claim to fall into a deep slumber by the time they finish the process. For insomnia yoga nidra is advisable to be done during the course of a busy day and not during night time. The process should also be aided with doing asanas and other physical exercises to tire out the body during day time. Slowly with practice dependency on sedatives and barbiturate preparations decreases and the person learns to fall asleep normally at a prerequisite time.

Drug addiction and alcoholism: Excessive usage of stimulants and depressants like various drugs, alcohol and tobacco is becoming very rampant these days. In order to relieve stress people get down to using these for relaxation. Learning to relax through yoga nidra reduced dependency on these things. Also using positive statements as resolves is helpful in getting rid of these bad habits.

Pregnancy childbirth and menstrual disorders: Stress releases adrenalin and non-adrenalin hormones in the blood that adversely affect the child during pregnancy. These hormones enter the foetal circulation after crossing the placenta. They act as toxins for the mental and physical development of brain of the foetus. Yoga nidra helps the mothers to relax and let go of tensions. Also yoga nidra helps in development of intra-uterine muscles so as to aid during childbirth. Similarly excessive hormonal disturbances during menstruation can be handled effectively by making use of yoga nidra procedures.

Chronic diseases: Yoga nidra has been a subject of study in various countries for the purpose of treating patients suffering from chronic diseases. The researchers at University of California Medical Centre at Davis (USA) have concluded that yoga nidra is applicable for bedridden, incapacitated and chronically afflicted patients of all degrees.

Yoga nidra for relieving pain: Yoga nidra stimulates the pituitary gland to produce pain suppressing compounds that are very natural and very powerful. The researchers have found hormones in the brain called endorphins and encephalins which are morphine like substances and are produced by the pituitary glands as a natural reaction to extreme pain. These are secreted into cerebrospinal fluid which supports and surrounds the central nervous system. Through yoga nidra powerful stimulus can be given to the pituitary gland to release these hormones so that need for external painkillers is not there.

Geriatric medicine: Several elderly people habitually transform their sense of boredom, low self esteem, depression, loneliness, dependency needs and other psychological difficulties into psychosomatic disorders. These can be effectively dealt with yoga nidra by modifying their endurance mechanisms.

Asthma: The various stages of asthma have been treated effectively with deep breathing, visualization, muscular relaxation, psychic desensitization in many children and adults through yoga nidra. Many people have shown remarkable decrease in their drug dependency and many have been completely cured also.

Colitis and peptic ulcer: The conditions of colitis and peptic ulcer are disorders of large intestine and are psychosomatic in nature. The intestine becomes tender, inflamed and finally ulcerations are caused. This may be aggravated by dietary abuse which can again be triggered by psychic reasons. Recurrent ulcers respond well to yoga nidra. The treatment is best administered away from home or work situations in the relaxed atmosphere of an ashram.

Cancer therapy: Along with conventional treatments yoga nidra is suggested to treat cancer patients. It can be successful by bringing back memories of good old days so as to coerce the body to change course and go back to its healthy self. Yoga nidra awakens the prana or the bio-plasmic energies of the body that help in resurrecting itself. It can augment auto-immune defense mechanisms of the body to create psychological conditions that oppose excessive growth of cancer cells thus altering the entire process of development of cancer.

Cardiovascular diseases: Yoga nidra stimulates the hypothalamus which in turn relays corrective information through electrical impulse conducting fibres of the heart by means of the sympathetic nervous system. As a result of this, heart rate, blood pressure, workload on the heart muscles and other stress related disorders of the circulatory system reduce, thus reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and other cardio-vascular ailments.

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