Yoga Nidra For Enhancing Creativity
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Yoga for Complete Relaxation - Yoga Nidra.

Yoga nidra basically means sleep with a trace of wakefulness and awareness. It is a state of mind when the mind is highly receptive to any kind of suggestions. It is a state between being completely awake and dream. Practicing yoga nidra results in opening of the mind to deeper phases and deeper energy levels. Here the intellectual mind operates at its best. There is a deeper interaction between the conscious and subconscious mind. A person is able to reach the deeper confines of the subconscious mind with yoga nidra.

Yogic practitioners and gurus believe in the power of yoga nidra to the extent that it can alter the nature of the mind. It can change the thought processes and even cure diseases. This has been done by psychologists through self hypnosis, hypnotic treatment administered by others, auto suggestion and various other techniques that work at the level of subconscious of the human mind.

Yoga nidra is regarded as a tantric practice as in yoga it is believed that Tantric yoga deals with process that involves evolution of the mind so that it becomes spontaneous matter. It is also believed that a person cannot fight his basic nature, habits and other emotional drawbacks. Because by doing so a person develops a rival within and a lot of animosity generates within himself. The unconscious mind is the base of all the normal and abnormal behaviour. If a certain trait has to be corrected the root of it has to be removed. So in order to correct something the deeper precincts of the subconscious and unconscious mind have to be reached.

In the wakeful conscious state the man is dependent on his senses for information and on his intellect to analyze the absorbed information. But once one learns to repose in yoga nidra the doors of the deeper mind are opened and the person comes closer to the seat of creativity. One must completely relax at the time of practice of yoga nidra and follow the instructions. It is not a practice in extreme concentration. But it is a practice of letting the senses slowly die down and completely become oblivious to the surroundings. So listening to instructions is important yet, too much of emphasis is not given to follow each and every instruction. There are tapes available that instruct on yoga nidra. They emphasize listening to the voice and not bother too much about following instructions.

It is also not about convincing oneself in favour of just about any suggestion. Most of us are groomed to know the difference between right and wrong. Intellectual conviction is just a characteristic of human being. One has to be emotionally receptive to anything that we think is important so as to make the thing manifest in our lives. This is only possible when the distractions are withdrawn and the mind is sufficiently aroused so that whatever is impressed upon it becomes a dictum and manifests as destiny. The mind practicing yoga nidra is absolutely obedient and unquestioning. In the wakeful state of mind there are various obstructions so many ideals are never put into practice. This procedure is put to use in various forms to transform many hardened criminals in prisons these days.

So in order for yoga nidra to take effect one must analyze one's nature and the suggestions given thereafter have to be in accordance with the basic nature so that the person does not revolt against them. We all learn to hide our natural emotions in order for our behaviour to become socially acceptable so adult behaviour is seldom spontaneous. But for suggestions during yoga nidra to become fruitful one must understand a person's spontaneous behaviour.

If an artist wants his art to become more creative he can make use of yoga nidra to reach the deeper levels of his consciousness for creative inspiration. Some people in the artistic and other creative pursuits describe experiences of 'divine intervention' for their successes. This is nothing but reaching the deeper levels of their subconscious either by practice or purely by chance. It is like the mythological phoenix, whereby with every session bad habits and wrong tendencies are burnt and new inspiration is born.

The capacity to sleep and relax and dream consciously is an evolutionary process that has been utilized by various visionaries and exceptional achievers throughout history. Once when the mind becomes receptive enough visualization of the desired result is done in order to manifest itself in reality. This process is known as creative visualization by the psychologists.

The mind has to be trained properly for the images to stay for a longer period for this process to be beneficial to a person. The process should be allowed to proceed without forcing the images to stay. With practice this will slowly start happening and the images will stay for a longer time so as to become inspirational visions to enhance creativity.

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