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Yoga For Cure Of Lifestyle Disorders

There are increasing numbers of cases of cancer all round the globe. This is also attributed to oxidative stress resultant of free radicals in the system. The excessive intake of chemicals in various forms in almost all that we consume through our diets or water and air requirements is the main reason for this excessive oxidative stress occurring in the system. Some reasons for increase in number of cancer cases are increased exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke, exposure to radiation, and charcoal content in the barbecued food, increase of fats in the diets, saccharin and many other chemicals found in herbicides and pesticides. These are factors which are called carcinogens or cancer causing substances in the medical terminology.

The researches have proved that the theory of oxidative stress for the cause of cancer has considerable medical evidence. When the free radicals are allowed to stay in the vicinity of the nucleus of the cells they cause prominent damage to the DNA of the cells. This is kind of permanent damage to the cells. The cells are particularly prone to cellular and DNA damage when they are dividing. This is because at the time of cell division the DNA is completely unwound and the strands open out entirely. The free radicals can cause extensive damage to the DNA of the nucleus in this state. The researchers have even been able to estimate the kind of damage that can be done to the DNA and also the kind of damage that can be done to which part of the DNA by the effect of free radicals.

The body has its own repair system to counteract the effect of free radicals but there comes a time when the repair system may fail because the number of free radicals increases so much. This overpowers the repair system and mutation of the DNA happens. This means that the DNA undergoes permanent changes in structure, which result in permanent genetic changes in the DNA structure. When such cells proceed to multiply the defective DNA gets transmitted to other cells as well. Each new developed cell also contains this defective DNA. When the cell containing defective DNA is bombarded by further attack of free radicals it goes into an overdrive of excessive multiplication and this situation causes cancer. It is akin to a situation where the cell simply goes into a monstrous overdrive of multiplication and further multiplication.

For the last quarter of a century the researchers have believed that the cause of cancer is somehow locked into the genetic factors. They just need to prove it with accuracy and the situation will be solved. But now it seems they have started believing that the main reason why certain people may be more vulnerable to cancer than others is because they have lower sensitivity to oxidative stress. It cannot be denied completely that there may genetic factors operating that make a person less or more vulnerable to oxidative stress. This may further be delved into and someday a concrete answer to the fact why certain types of cancers are so prominently seen in certain family situations may be proven.

All said and done prevention seems to be best bet against all the chronic degenerative diseases also called lifestyle diseases. Following measures can be taken to reduce the risk of cancer attacking the body:

Curtail Smoking: Cigarette smoke is the most important carcinogen that most of us are exposed to. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is very addictive in nature. The free radicals that the cigarette smoke can unleash into the system are unbelievably high.

Reduction of Exposure to Sunlight: The UVA and UVB component in the sunlight are strong carcinogens. The people with the lighter skin that has lesser melanin should be extremely careful against the sun damage.

Eat a Diet that is Low in Fats and Refined Carbohydrates: The increase of saturated fats and refined carbohydrates in the diet should be preferably avoided. More number of servings of fruits and vegetables has to be taken to increase the amount of antioxidants in the system. There should be a reduction in number of servings of non vegetarian foods especially the ones that contain lesser quantity of antioxidants. Red meats are also best avoided for their high fat content.

Create Awareness about Other Carcinogens: There should be a monitored control over the cancer causing agents like radiation, pesticides, herbicides, asbestos, charcoal, soot and medications that have heavy side effects.

Yoga Asanas or Yoga Exercises for Cancer

It is seen that the cancer treatments have been very successful when they are accompanied with yoga practices like various forms of meditation. This is because through the meditation process the person is asked to look within himself. He may be able to evoke the natural healing capacity of the body by doing this.

Cancer is one of the biggest killers in the world today. It is mostly detected in advanced stages when it may have been developing in the system for ten to twenty years. The detection is possible generally when it actually goes out of control of the doctors. This is a difficult situation for most people to cope with. Through meditation they develop enough peace within themselves and it helps the healing process. If the person is in the condition to take them, yoga asanas like Sukhasana, Parvtasana, Padmasana and others which give relaxation to the body can be advised. Also practice of yoga nidra with inner visualizations of regeneration of the body with proper resolves has proven to be very beneficial.

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