Yoga for Women
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Yoga for Women

The constitution of the woman's body is more inclined towards fragility and softness. This is however just a generalisation and is not case specific. The general role of the women designated by nature is that of a nurturer and so sensitivity is very important for her at the physical as well as mental level. At the physical level she is the one who bears the next generation and looks after it in the initial times and fosters them till such time they can look after themselves. She has to bear the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth which are extremely strenuous activities. She may not really require external musculature which is needed for protection and survival but she definitely requires internal muscular and organic strength to bear and give birth to her offspring.

At the same time she has to be extremely sensitive in order to fulfil her role as the caring member of her clan. This calls for highly evolved and specialized mental and emotional capacities. This is the main reason why the man is considered to be the physical strength of the family and the woman is considered to be the mental strength of the family. Both the units of the family, that is, the man and woman, thus are ordained to fulfil different roles and are actually not complete without each other. The nature has designed different patterns of physical and mental development of both the man and the woman. This was the way the evolution carried on for a very long time. But the modern day scenarios of the changing patterns of the life have made a lot of alterations in the regular goings on.

The muscular stature of the body slowly became more and more redundant for the woman as the evolution continued. Her role as the nurturer of the family became more and more prominent. As the time proceeded further it kept the focus targeted on the delicateness and finesse of the females in general. Thus the muscular structure kept becoming more and more subtle. The present day females are coping with many different kinds of roles. They are now the providers for the family, embellishers of the household, nurturers for the kids and other members of the family, and also have very prominent social responsibilities. This has sort of made the woman into a one-man-army. It is astonishing and extremely pleasing to actually see all her achievements when they are judged rationally. She is not just competing with men at every platform but also is much more companionate towards him at every stage in life. This has sure developed newer equations in life and increased the levels of stress considerably. This has created a need for better mental and emotional development along with more competent and physically powerful musculature for coping up better with the changing situations.

Yoga Postures for Women

Yoga can prove to be a very powerful tool for managing and emerging a winner in the changing state of affairs. Yoga has various practices that can help the women to develop her all the faculties. The yogic asanas are designed to work in a way that favours the basic infrastructure of the system. They also give complete work out by way of strengthening of all the systems. In addition the asanas promote the fortification of the organic system. The asanas are very unique in their designing because they can actually give a complete workout to the organic system of the body. There is no other system of exercises that can enhance the internal organs of the body.

The other unique factor about the yoga asanas is that they can promote and enhance the endocrinal system. This system is very important in the body as it secretes and controls all the hormonal secretions. This becomes very important in the case of women because the fertility cycle of the women is such that it keeps changing throughout the month and there are various hormonal changes all throughout the period. The practice of yogic asanas gives deep relaxation and strengthening to the system. This is in tune with her delicate external musculature. The yoga asanas do not develop the body musculature in any aberrant way but they tone up the muscles in their natural way. This makes the body more attractive in a very natural and feminine way. Some yoga asanas and yoga posturesthat are particularly helpful are Utthita Shirshasana, Matsyendrasana, Kagasana, Nabhiyasana, Yoniasana and others. These can be seen more elaborately in the section of Asanas and Yoga in Daily life.

The practice of pranayama can give strength to the entire system by controlling the vital prana. Pranayama is a form of internal workout for the entire system that can enhance all the internal systems. Pranayama can also give qualities like immense glow to the face and the entire body. Thus yogic practices can help in enhancing the physical beauty to the female form and face.

The practice of yoga nidra can give deeper relaxation to the entire system and provide the strength to cope up with the various stressful situations. Meditation is an exercise in diverting the senses inwards so that the woman develops proper insight about the self and gets an understanding of her true potential. All the practices of yoga combined together can enhance the personality to the optimum level and make a woman feel like a complete woman.

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