Yogic Asanas----Utthita Shirshasana
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yoga Poses or Yoga Exercises - Yogic Asanas

Yoga Poses or Yoga Exercises - Utthita Shirshasana

Utthita Shirshasana Benefits: This yoga asana is especially beneficial for women. It makes their bone joints very strong. It makes their curves of breasts and hips more shapely and firm. It is curative for sterility and increases the chances of conception. It cures indigestion and constipation. Also this asana is effective for organic disorders of liver and abdomen. It cures many uterine disorders and ovarian disorders. Other diseases of the genito-uterine system like gonorrhea, syphilis and hernia are also cured with the regular practice of this asana. It is curative for ear, nose and eye ailments. It makes the lungs very strong, thus helping the respiratory system. It helps improve the blood circulation to the brain, heart also. This yoga asana improves the power of concentration and memory. It makes the limbs and spine stronger with more flexibility. The regular practitioners of this asana experience an upsurge in optimism.

Caution: It is preferable to take support of a wall or a helper while initially performing this asana. This asana should be performed once in the morning only. People suffering with chronic heart diseases should wait and make the heart a bit stronger before attempting this yoga asana. If the blood pressure is ranging from 100 – 150 this asana should not be done. If there is any injury in the body this asana should not be done. The people suffering from vertigo should not do this asana. It is advisable to take a diet rich in milk proteins after this asana is practiced.

Yoga Poses or Yoga Exercises - Utthita Shirshasana Technique:

  1. Sit on the knees on the seat.
  2. Place the elbows near the toes of the feet. Both arms should be placed facing front and palms should be touching the ground.
  3. Now raise the weight of the body by raising the knees and the waist. The heels should touch the hips.
  4. Balancing the body raise the feet upwards and contract the hips. Both feet should be touching each other.
  5. While in the final posture the face should remain parallel to the ground.
  6. Breathing should be maintained slow and steady.
  7. Maintain posture for thirty seconds initially then gradually increase the duration to five minutes, and take it up to twenty minutes.

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