Yogic Asanas----Shirshchakrasana
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yoga Poses and Yoga Positions - Yogic Asanas

Yoga Poses and Yoga Positions - Shirshchakrasana

Shirshchakrasana Benefits: This yoga asana improves the digestive system by controlling disorders of the intestines like constipation and gastric problems. It refreshes the brain and improves the blood circulation in the whole body. All the nerves and muscles of the body become flexible and strong. The organs are strengthened in their functioning. Spine, limbs, chest and neck become strong and supple.

Caution: This is a difficult yoga asana so it has to be done after a while of regular practice of yoga asanas. The people suffering from any ailments of the eyes and blood pressure should not practice this asana. If there are any wounds in the body this asana should not be practiced. The people suffering from vertigo should not do this asana.

Yoga Poses and Yoga Positions - Shirshchakrasana Technique:

  1. Sit on one knee, place the head on a pillow or a cushion kept on the seat.
  2. Stretch the legs back and raise the waist slowly.
  3. Interlock the fingers of both the hands behind the back.
  4. Raise the legs fully and rotate them from left to right around the head.
  5. Repeat the rotations from left to right in cyclic way three or four times.
  6. Care should be taken to not let the head move from its original position.
  7. Practice slowly and reach the final posture gradually.

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