Yogic Asanas----Nabhiyasan
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yoga Positions and Yoga Poses - Yogic Asanas

Yoga Positions and Yoga Poses - Nabhiyasan

Nabhiyasan Benefits: The back muscles get strengthened by this yoga asana. Digestive system improves, energizes digestion. This asana helps in flow of insulin so it is very good for the natural cure of diabetes and improvement of the endocrinal system. It removes the blood congestion so improves the circulatory system. All benefits of Shalabhasan, Bhujangasan and Dhanurasan are derived this asan.

Yoga Positions and Yoga Poses - Nabhiyasan Description and Technique:

  1. The word Nabhi means navel.
  2. In this asana lying with the face down; the arms, the legs and chest are raised at the same time so that only the navel remains touching the ground.
  3. While holding the inhaled breath this pose is held for some time.
  4. Slowly bring the arms, legs and chest down and repeat after sometime.
  5. Three repetitions are recommended to be done at one time.

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