Yogic Asanas----Mrigasana
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Positions - Yogic Asanas

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Positions - Mrigasana

Mrigasana Benefits: This yoga asana is very beneficial for ankles and joints of the lower limbs. The neck becomes supple and strong. The shoulders, chest and back are strengthened. It is beneficial for the digestive disorders. The waist also gets reduced thus centre obesity is reduced with this yoga asana. This is helpful for respiratory system also.

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Positions - Mrigasana Technique:

  1. Sit in Vajrasana with both knees slightly apart.
  2. Bend the knees and rest them on a small pillow or a folded cloth.
  3. Place the chest so that it touches the bent knees.
  4. The arms are stretched in front and palms should face each other.
  5. Fix the gaze in front.
  6. Raise the hips and feet and balance the body on the knees.
  7. Maintain posture for sometime.

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