Yogic Asanas----Makarasana
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Poses - Yogic Asanas

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Poses - Makarasana

Makarasana Benefits: This asana makes the limbs very strong. It improves the circulation of blood and has a purification effect on the body. It is good for the excretory system also as the body perspires in this asana a lot. It is great exercise for the entire body and has curative effect on insomnia and other sleep related disorders. It is beneficial for the digestive system as well.

Caution: Do not go outdoors after performing this asana if the weather is too hot or too cold. It is advisable to perform Shavasana after Makarasana to rest the body. Adequate intake of milk products is recommended. One must bathe only after one hour of performing this asana.

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Poses - Makarasana Technique:

  1. Lie flat on the seat with the face down and both feet touching each other. The toes should touch the ground and the heels should face up.
  2. Place both hands on the sides with the palms firmly placed on the ground.
  3. Raise the elbows up.
  4. Keeping the entire body stiff the body is lifted keeping the weight on the palms and the toes.
  5. Raise the arm and leg of one side and move them backwards and forwards.
  6. Repeat the movement of arm and leg on the other side also.
  7. Maintain the still position with the body raised and the weight supported on arms and toes for as long as possible, increasing the duration gradually.

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