Yogic Asanas----Kandapidanasana
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yoga Poses and Yoga Exercises - Yogic Asanas

Yoga Poses and Yoga Exercises - Kandapidanasana

Kandapidanasana Benefits: This asana cures the rheumatic pains, sciatica, gout of the toes. The nerves of the limbs get toned up. It is beneficial for the musculature and skeleton of the lower limbs.

Caution: It is advisable to start the practice of this asana after perfecting Yoniasana. This is a difficult asana and it should be perfected slowly.

Yoga Poses and Yoga Exercises - Kandapidanasana Technique:

  1. Sit on the seat, keeping the heels and toes together, place the feet with the soles facing up.
  2. Care should be taken to keep the knees and thighs touching the ground.
  3. Holding the feet the toes should be placed in front of the chest.
  4. Place both the hands on the toes as in Namaskar.
  5. Maintain posture for five seconds, slowly increase to three minutes.

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