Yogic Asanas----Hastashirshasana
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Positions - Yogic Asanas

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Positions - Hastashirshasana

Hastashirshasana Benefits: It helps the digestive system. It is more beneficial than Shirshasana. It helps the respiratory system by curing repeated bouts of cold. It is believed that regular practice of this asana reverses the process of ageing. It cures the nervous system disorders and improves brain functioning. It cures chronic headaches.

Yoga Exercises and Yoga Positions - Hastashirshasana Technique:

  1. Standing on the seat, bend forward and place hands on the ground with a distance of one foot between both the hands.
  2. Then slowly bring the legs towards the hands.
  3. Raise the legs above the ground and balance the weight of the entire body on the hands and arms.
  4. The body should remain erect.
  5. Bend the head backwards so that the face is facing the floor.
  6. As an alternative posture hands can be used to walk around a little. This further strengthens the arms and hands.

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