Yogic Asanas----Dhauti
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Yoga Poses and Positions - Dhauti

Dhauti Benefits: This is a purification process of the digestive system and is recommended for treatments of acidity and other gastric disorders and also of asthma.

Caution: This should be performed under expert guidance initially.

Yoga Poses and Positions - Techniques of different types of Dhauti:

There are three varieties of Dhauti. These are:

Vamana Dhauti:

  1. Drink about six glasses of water.
  2. Vomit out all the water by putting the index and middle finger into the mouth up till the uvula.
  3. This process brings out all the impurities of the stomach along with the water.

Danda Dhauti:

  1. Drink about six glasses of water.
  2. A rubber tube of about three feet in length and the width of a pencil is then inserted into the food pipe through the mouth slowly till it reaches the stomach.
  3. Care is taken to keep one end out of the mouth and not swallow the entire pipe.
  4. Bending forward the water is siphoned out of the stomach into the pipe.
  5. Then the pipe is pulled out slowly.
  6. The rubber tube is disinfected by immersing it into boiling water for sometime before using.

Vastra Dhauti:

  1. A strip of fine muslin cloth about three inches wide and twenty two feet long is used for this. It is washed and immersed in boiling water for sometime before using so that it gets completely disinfected.
  2. The strip of cloth is rolled and one end of it is inserted into the mouth by holding between two fingers.
  3. The strip is slowly swallowed so that six inches of cloth remains outside the mouth.
  4. Care is taken that the entire length of cloth is not swallowed.
  5. The abdomen is now churned by performing Nauli with the strip of cloth inside the stomach.
  6. Then slowly the strip of cloth is gently pulled out.

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