Yogic Asanas----Bhrunasana
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yoga Positions and Poses - Yogic Asanas

Yoga Poses and Positions - Bhrunasana

Bhrunasana Benefits: This asana makes an individual extend duration of Garbhasana. Practitioners of Kundalini yoga advocate this asana as Kundalini can be aroused and experienced in this asana

Yoga Positions and Poses - Bhrunasana Technique:

  1. Lie down in Shavasana.
  2. Raise the feet and move them slowly towards the head.
  3. Toes of the left foot and ankle are to be bent and placed under the neck.
  4. The toes should be facing the head.
  5. Similarly place the toes of the right foot so that they form a cross.
  6. Both hands should be put between the thighs and calves, and waist should be raised slightly.
  7. The fingers of both the hands should be interlocked below the waist.
  8. Maintain position for as long as one desires, inhaling and exhaling slowly

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