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Basti Benefits: It is a cleansing process of the colon. It is similar to taking an enema but is better, because it allows the water to reach till the caecum, which is the beginning of the large intestine, thus cleaning the colon successfully.

Caution: One must perform this under expert guidance initially. One must be proficient in doing Naulibefore attempting this process.

Yoga Positions, Yoga Poses and Yoga Asanas - Basti Technique:

A rubber tube about nine inches in length and with an inner passage as wide as the diameter of the little finger is needed for this.

This tube is well disinfected by immersing it in boiling water for sometime before usage.

Sitting in Utkatasana, one end of the cleaned and lubricated tube in inserted into the anus so that about four inches of the tube goes inside.

The other end of the tube is dipped into a bowl containing about one litre of clean water.

Now Nauli is done. This creates a vacuum in the abdominal cavity and some water is sucked in.

Then the external tip of the tube is closed with a finger and Nauli is done again after resting for a while.

At the time of doing Nauli the finger is removed from the tip of the tube so that more water is sucked in.

The same procedure is repeated once more and more water is allowed to go in.

Then the tube is gently pulled out and bowels are emptied.

This is a cleansing procedure so it is recommended to be done in the toilet.

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