Yogic Asanas - Bakasana
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Yoga Body Exercises or Asanas.

Yogic Asanas - Yoga Exercises

Yoga Poses and Yoga Exercises - Bakasana

Bakasana Benefits: This yoga asana makes the arms very strong. It improves the blood circulation considerably to the upper limbs.

Yoga Asanas and Yoga Exercises - Bakasana Technique:

  1. The hands are lowered on the seat and placed firmly with the fingers facing forward.
  2. There should be a distance of about one and a half foot between the hands.
  3. The knees are placed near the armpits.
  4. The hips are raised slowly so that the weight of the entire body is balanced on the arms.
  5. The head is lowered and gaze is fixed on the ground in a forward orientation.
  6. The posture is maintained for a few seconds.

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