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Purna Yoga

Practice Of Purna Yoga - Yoga Positions and Postures

Yoga Positions and Postures

The practice of Purna yoga or Integral yoga is different from the other practices. Here the divine consciousness is invoked to descend into the human souls so that the human becomes completely merged with the divine. There is a special process of intense meditation to cause this to happen. The whole system is based on the belief that the divine consciousness descends into the human souls through the channel of an opening created entirely for this purpose. The process of meditation thus concentrates upon invoking the human system to partake into the process by letting this happen.

As the first step of this process the Sadhak has to surrender all his ego and worldly desires in the service of the divine. Otherwise the descent of the divine is just next to impossible. It is just not a simple process. It is considered to be a psychic movement. The practitioners of Purna yoga believe that under this first step the ego has to be curtailed completely because the human ego is the biggest single obstruction in the path of the descent of the supernatural.

The next step after erasing the existence of ego is to concentrate on gaining knowledge and wisdom. The way to do this is to sit quietly in meditative pose and try to concentrate on opening the aperture of Gyana in the forehead. The descent of the peace has to be experienced till it engulfs the being completely. This is the intense stage of awareness of the supreme consciousness. The descent of the peace is the first stage of realization that the self is now making itself ready for the supreme to descend. This completes the process of surrendering of the self.

In the next stage the Sadhak develops an awareness of separation of the Purusha from the Prakriti. This leads to being aware of a dual state of consciousness in the being. One is a stage of superficial state of consciousness that a person ordinarily exists in and the other is the state of a state of consciousness that can be best described as the state of mystical existence. The person in this stage becomes aware of two levels of consciousness existing together in him. This is considered to be a state where the being is manifested with immense creative energy. The practice of Yoga nidra also talks about this kind of a mental stage which is super creative in all its elements. In this stage the being becomes aware that there are two conscious states one which takes care of all the routine chores and the other which exists as a mute observer and just keeps a close watch on every performance of the other. In this state all the tasks are performed with the feeling that the tasks are not just ordinary errands but are offerings by the self in the path of the divine.

The ultimate objective of the Purana or Integral yoga is to submit oneself completely to the service of the divine and to feel from the inner core of the consciousness that all actions of the self are directed towards the servitude of the supernatural. This sets the stage for the next step that is the actual descent of the peace, light, power, depth, serenity, consciousness of truth in the being. This is the state of uniting with all the supernatural elements and experiencing them in the daily life with the aid of the human body.

It is significant to note that the ultimate derivation of Purna yoga is to be possessed completely by the divine. It means the person is ready to experience the nature of his self completely uniting with the nature of the divine so much so that both entities become one and the same.

The constant thought and awareness of the psychic changes occurring in the self are the main perceptions of this type of yoga. These psychic changes ignite the soul and a constant flow of the supernatural energy is experienced through the system. This channelising of the energy is like a uniting chord that connects the divine with the head of the Sadhak and then his heart. This is a state of unobstructed communication with the divine. This brings about the feeling of integration with the divine at various levels of existence.

Many people claim that Purna yoga can be practiced while complete renunciation of the world is not done. But the advanced practitioners have always been resorting to complete abandonment. The principles of Purna yoga thus do not actually say that a Sadhak has to necessarily leave all worldly attachments, but the practice itself is so designed with mandatory deep-rooted constancy that almost all advanced practitioners move gradually to the path of complete renunciation. The word Purna in Sanskrit stands for completeness or entirety. This is perhaps the style of yoga which incorporates all practices which have to be done in totality so the Sadhak also slowly gets inclined towards complete renunciation in order to achieve the divine communion.

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