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Yoga mudra - Yoga Postures and Poses

Yoga mudra Benefits: This asana is good for digestive system, vertebral column, abdominal muscles and muscles of upper and lower limbs.

Yoga mudra Description and Technique:

  1. Some of the traditional texts of Hath yoga do not mention this yoga posture but it is very useful and in vogue. It is also not called an asana but a mudra. There is a lot of theoretical difference between the two as per the ancient texts.
  2. In a sitting position the right foot is placed on the left thigh with the sole facing up. Then the left foot is also placed on the right thigh in the same way. This is the Padmasana posture.
  3. Without raising the hips from the seat the body is bent forward and forehead is touched on the ground.
  4. The hands are kept behind the back with the left wrist held in the right hand. It may be initially difficult to do Yogamudra in Padmasana so it can be done in Vajrasanaposition.
  5. Starting with ten second duration Yogamudra can be done either up to one minute in later stages, or be done in two intervals of thirty seconds each.

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