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Viparitakarani - Yoga Postures and Poses

Viparitakarani Benefits: This position improves the condition of circulatory system and removes congestion from the body. Also it is excellent for the vertebral column.

Viparitakarani Description and Technique:

In Sanskrit Viparita means opposite or upturned. Karani means an action. This indicates a position which is opposite to normal that is keeping the feet up and head down. This is also achieved in two other popular yoga postures namely Shirshasana and Sarvangasana.Both these are actually different ways of doing Viparitakarani.

This asana is based on the belief that in the human body an elixir is secreted by moon situated above the hard palate in the head. This is constantly consumed by the sun situated in the navel. This causes effect of old age. If this elixir can be prevented from being consumed, old age and even death can be prevented. Viparitakarani helps in achieving just that.

Lying straight on the seat the arms and legs are kept stretched in opposite directions.

The left leg is raised slowly to a vertical position then lowered slowly.

The process is repeated with the right leg as well.

Then both legs are raised together supported with hands kept firmly on the ground.

The back is raised to a forty five degree angle with the seat. The position is held for thirty seconds to begin with and then slowly increased to five minutes or more depending upon the person.

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