Tadagi Mudra
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Tadagi Mudra - Yoga Postures and Poses

Tadagi Mudra Benefits: This asana is very good for the digestive system, respiratory system, muscles of pelvis and abdomen. Also it is beneficial for organs and glands of the abdominal cavity.

Tadagi Mudra Description and Technique:

In Sanskrit Tadaga means a lake or pond. In this asana the wall of the abdomen take a concave position. This asana assumes similar posture as Uddiyana bandhadone during Pranayama.It is believed that this asana prevents the effects of old age from catching up and can also delay death.

Tadagi mudra can either be practiced as a separate exercise or done with Uttanmandukasana or Bhadrasana. As a separate exercise it is generally done in standing position.

A comfortable standing position is taken with feet a little apart.

The hands are kept on the knees and the body is bent slightly forward.

A deep exhalation is done and the air is not allowed to re-enter the lungs.

The ribs are raised so that the thorax expands.

The diaphragm also rises to fill the vacuum and pulls the abdominal wall with it. This gives concave shape to the abdomen.

The pelvis and anus are contracted while the abdominal wall is kept relaxed.

After holding the position till one can take it comfortably it can be released and normal inhalation assumed.

The process can be repeated a few times after a few normal respirations.

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