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Yoga in Daily Life

Shavasana - Yoga Postures and Poses

Shavasana Benefits: This asana is preferably done after all yogic exercises in order to relax the body. It benefits all the systems of the body. This asana can also be practiced during other times of the day for getting rid of the fatigue.

Shavasana Description and Techniques:

Shava means a dead body. This is a posture for complete relaxation. This asana helps to relax and yoga nidra is a methodology that is used exclusively for complete relaxation.

Lying comfortably on the back the legs are spread so that they are about two apart.

The arms are placed on the sides of the trunk.

The head may be turned towards one side or kept facing up.

The back and shoulders should be well relaxed without any exertion on them.

All the muscles of the body are slowly relaxed.

Breathing is also controlled and slowly the whole body is relaxed with every breath.

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