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Nauli Asana - Yoga Postures and Poses

Nauli Asana Benefits: This is a process of cleansing the body so it improves the excretory system and digestive system greatly. Also it improves the texture of abdominal muscles.

Nauli Asana Description and Techniques::

Nauli is an act of purification and need not be done everyday. It can be done after a few days to get rid of the accumulated toxins and other waste matter from the body.

It exercises the natural process of excretory system of the body. It is best done in Tadagi mudra .

It is necessary to understand the structure of the abdominal wall for doing this asana.

The abdominal wall is made of three sets of abdominal muscles.

The two vertically running muscle sets are called abdominal recti.

These run from navel to the chest bone. Another set of muscles is the transverse abdominal muscles running across the abdominal wall and the third set is of internal and external oblique muscles.

While doing the nauli only the central vertical muscles are to be contracted.

This comes only after considerable practice as there is not set mechanism to explain this satisfactorily.

When these muscles are contracted they become separated from the rest of the muscles and stand out vertically like a column in the middle of the concavity of the abdomen.

This column is then shifted rapidly from side to side for a few times.

The position is then released and repeated after a few normal respirations.

This asana can be done only after considerable practice.

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