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Matsyasana - Yoga Postures and Poses

Matsyasana Benefits: This is excellent for lower back muscles and bones, vertebral column, abdominal muscles, throat muscles and respiratory system.

Matsyasana Description and Techniques:

This posture is an extension of Yogamudraand Padmasana. Matsya in Sanskrit means fish. This posture resembles the form of a fish so it is easy to float in water with this posture.

With the body in the position of Padmasana the trunk should be bent backwards until the head touches the seat.

The knees should be kept on the ground.

The elbows are placed on the sides of the body and with their support the body is bent backwards.

Hands may be kept on the ground or clutching the toes, whichever is more comfortable.

The mouth is opened fully and air is exhaled out with force. This should be repeated twice or thrice.

Alternately the asana can be done without Padmasana by keeping the legs stretched forward by beginners.

This asana can be done for fifteen seconds initially and later extended up to two minutes.

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