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Yoga in Daily Life

Halasana - Yoga Postures and Poses

Halasana Benefits: Halasana stretches the back and spine. Also it stretches the muscles of the neck so it is very good for the entire vertebral column. It is also very good for the digestive system and alimentary canal, and circulatory system.

Halasana Description and Techniques:

It is an extension of Viparitakaraniand Sarvangasana. It is recommended to do this asana after Sarvangasana. Hala in Sanskrit means plough. In this posture the body assumes the appearance of a plough.

To attain this posture the legs are lowered behind the head without bending those at the knees till the toes touch the seat.

Then the toes are clasped with both hands and are gradually shifted towards the head and away from the head without bending the legs.

This asana can be done for maximum one minute starting with thirty seconds.

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