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Gomukhasana - Yoga Postures and Poses

Gomukhasana Benefits: This asana is very good for the muscles of lower and upper limbs. Also it is very good for abdominal muscles.

Caution: Men should take care of not squeezing their genitals in the whole procedure.

Gomukhasana Description and Technique:

In Sanskrit gomukha means the mouth of a cow. In the final posture of this asana the body resembles the appearance of the face of a cow. There are many versions of this asana found in various texts. Here the most popularly followed version is being given. This asana is practiced in two stages as per convenience and advancement of yogic practice.

While being seated comfortably the legs are crossed and the right heel is grasped and set against the base of the left hip, keeping the right hip on the seat.

The left knee is made to lie over the right knee.

The left heel is touched with the back side of the right hip.

The heels should be kept tightly pressed against the hips.

Both the thighs experience a firm pressure and stretch in this posture. The hands are kept on the left knee and three bandhas of bahya kumbhakasanaare practiced three times. This completes the first stage of Gomukhasana.

In the second stage with the same position of legs the right arm is placed on the back with elbow pointing downwards and the fingers pointing upwards.

The left arm is also lowered on the back in such a way that its fingers are interlocked with the fingers of the right hand.

The back and neck are kept as erect as possible.

After holding this position for a while the whole procedure is to be repeated on the other side. Initially this pose is to be done for fifteen seconds increasing gradually to one minute on each side.

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