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Bhujangasana - Yoga Posture and Pose

Bhujangasana Benefits: This asana is extremely good for muscles of neck, back and abdomen. It is good for digestive and circulatory system.

Bhujangasana Description and Technique:

  1. Bhujanga means serpent. In this asana the body assumes a posture resembling a snake with its hood up.
  2. Lying on the seat with the chest down both the hands are placed below the shoulders with fingers pointing forward.
  3. The legs are extended backwards with toes touching each other.
  4. The head is gradually raised and the neck is arched backwards.
  5. The chest is also raised and muscles of the back are contracted.
  6. The chest is raised till the abdomen but the navel is kept touching the ground. The position is held for a few seconds and repeated after a brief rest.
  7. Initially doing it once is enough. Later the process should be repeated four to five times or up to two minutes.

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