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Ardhamatsyendrasana - Yoga Posture and Pose

Ardhamatsyendrasana Benefits: This asana is good for the entire vertebral column so it is beneficial to the skeletal muscles as it is exercised fully by rotating to both sides. Also the abdominal muscles are exercised greatly. The muscles of the limbs are also greatly exercised. It is good for the digestive system also.

Ardhamatsyendrasana Description and Technique:

In ancient times a renowned master of yoga, Matsyendranath was the originator of this asana so the asana is named after him. It is a very difficult asana and it is not for the beginners. But a simple version of it can be practiced. It is called Sarala Matsyendrasana meaning the easy version of Matsyendrasana. The most popularly practiced version is Ardhmatsyendrasana meaning half Matsyendrasana.

  • Sitting on the seat the legs are arranged as in Gomukhasana.
  • The left knee is put on the seat in front and the left heel is put below the right hip. The right knee is kept vertical while the right foot is placed to the left of the left of the left knee.
  • Using the hands the right knee is pressed against the chest.
  • The left shoulder is turned to the right, while left hand holds the right foot.
  • The left arm is on the right side of right knee. The right arm is spread on the back reaching almost up to the left thigh.
  • The head is turned to the right side. The whole posture is repeated on the other side.
  • The final pose is maintained for fifteen seconds in the beginning increasing the duration gradually to one minute.

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