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Agnisara - Yoga Pose and Posture

Agnisara Benefits: This asana is extremely helpful to the digestive system and excretory system. In addition this also has all the benefits of the Tadagi mudra.

Agnisara Description and Technique:

  1. The beneficial effects of Tadagi mudra can be greatly improved if it is followed by Agnisara.
  2. In this asana abdominal wall is moved back and forth while the body is in Tadagi mudra. This asana improves the agni or fire of the digestive system.
  3. For maximum benefit Tadagi mudraor Uttan mandukasana and first stage of Gomukhasanashould be done in a sequence.
  4. Agnisara can be practiced as a separate exercise after doing Pranayamaand Kapalabhati.

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