Yoga As A Tool For Complete Harmony
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All you wanted to know about Yoga.

Yoga Meditation Techniques

Yoga is a methodology of achieving complete harmony of physical and mental self with the surroundings. It is a science and art of achieving complete balance. It makes the practitioner condition him or her in such a way that there remains no conflict of the inner self with the outer surroundings. But due to this very quality of the methodology there are various misconceptions also attached with it.

Many consider Yoga as a form of prayer. For these people prayer and Yoga are interchangeable concepts. But prayer is an expression of a thought in the form of a request or repentance while meditation techniques in Yoga is not articulation of any kind. Some also think of Yoga meditation to be simply a process of introspection. This misconception has arisen because of predominant affection to psychotherapy especially in the Western world. The people have come to view Yoga as simply some means with which they can get over their psychological problems and personality disorders. Yoga is being viewed as a way of enhancing positive qualities while negating the negative traits. While all this is achieved as an end result of practicing Yoga for a long time, this alone cannot entirely sum up the methodology of Yoga.

Many attach meditation process of Yoga as an invocation of a person's greater self through a step by step program. They think that through Yoga they can achieve an exalted state of mind similar to the effect of a drug, but this is a gross injustice to this science. This methodology is certainly not a way to seek cheap thrills. The objectives of Yoga transcend all ephemeral concepts. Their sole aim is to take a person on an ongoing path of enlightenment and liberation.

Yoga is a way of awakening of the self and its enlightenment so that it merges eventually in God consciousness. This is done by directing the thinking inwards so that one's true nature can be explored, experienced and nurtured. This process is enhanced in such a way slowly that the Universal Mind can also be experienced and this unison can be cultivated to eventually reach out to God realization. This is how the process of Yogic meditation techniques really works and this is how the experiences of peace, blissfulness and knowledge become realities. This is based on the philosophy that without a complete realization of the self there cannot be a realization of God self. This is because if a person is not aware of his inner self he or she shall not rise above the despair, sadness, insecurity. These negative feelings will continue to prevail. They shall diminish only when there is a realization of the self and a conscious effort to overcome them so that God realization can be attained. In case of practitioners of Karma Yoga this is practiced through a lifelong devotion to correct deeds so this process may not necessarily be a process of complete renunciation, which is again a popular misconception.

Yoga is scientific process. It works because unless and until a person moves beyond the self there may not be any space for any other kind of realization and the person may forever wander in search of a deeper meaning of life. Attainment of complete harmony can be had only by rising above the self and expanding one's horizons. Yoga provides a means to learn this through scientific and time tested methodology.

The practice of Yoga in Daily Life teaches one to incorporate these principles of yoga in a convenient and easy to follow way in one's daily routine so as to extract maximum benefit out of them. Making yoga a way of life is a better option so that one can understand the inner self and be able to harmonize it with the complexities of the outer world. The asanas of yoga provide not just complete physical exercise to all the organic systems but also keep them functioning in accordance with the pressures and prerequisites of one's daily life.

Most of the processes of yoga have come into their present forms after years and years of observation of life around us. They have themselves evolved with time and will continue to do so in future. This makes it a dynamic form of methodology that keeps changing to meet with the demands of the present day time. In the modern times there are many complications that have arisen as a result of better technology. This being good on one hand has many side effects. Take for instance the evolution of food, which is a means of basic sustenance. Adding technology to the food industry has opened up vast avenues for this thriving business. But at the same time the additional burden of the available food not being wholesome, but loaded with artificiality has given rise to many ailments also. Accepting yoga as a way of life can help people deal with these complications and strengthen the system to take on newer challenges thus added as a bonus of modern day living.

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