Yogurt Face Mask For Sensitive Skin

Yogurt face mask

Yogurt face mask Today markets are flooded with innumerable varieties of anti-ageing products, each claiming to bring instant results. These anti-ageing products and other beauty products are usually made with the help of various chemicals. Apart from being costly, these products are quite harmful for sensitive skin. Beautiful skin may not necessarily be achieved by spending substantial amount of money on spa treatments.

The cheapest and the best way to pamper your sensitive skin is to use natural products and this can start from your very own kitchen. Yogurt, probably one of the most commonly used dairy products in all cuisines, is known to possess certain vital nutrients and minerals that are not only good for the health, but are great for your skin.

With yogurt as the key ingredient, various face masks can be prepared that will make your sensitive skin spotless and glowing. Moreover, yogurt has no side effects, thus, making it a skin-friendly beauty product.

Regenerating Qualities

Lactic acid, one of the major components of yogurt, is a natural and non-allergic exfoliator. It very smoothly and softly rubs off the dead cells of your skin leaving your skin completely smooth. This facilitates the new cells to surface and brings a glow on to your skin.

How To Use Yoghurt?

Apply plain yogurt on your face and wash off after 10 minutes for nourishment and miniaturization. Blend 4 tablespoons of yogurt with 1-2 teaspoons of warm honey and apply on the face. Wash off after 30 minutes and your skin is completely moisturized. One egg white with one tablespoon of yogurt and one teaspoon of honey makes an apt face mask offering you with the combined benefits of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Yogurt face mask

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One teaspoon yogurt when mixed with one-fourth teaspoon of orange juice or half teaspoon of lemon juice and applied on your skin makes your skin brighter and refreshed. A face mask with one tablespoon of yogurt, two tablespoons of milk, two tablespoons of honey, juice of one lemon and tepid water can help reduce the blemishes and scars to a large extent, thus, making your skin absolutely spotless. Face packs made by combining yogurt with grape juice or orange juice can help you in getting rid of pigmentation marks caused due to ageing and exposure to sunlight.

Fights Acne

Yogurt contains certain beneficial enzymes that effectively fight against harmful acne causing bacteria called propionibacertium acnes that produce blackheads, whiteheads and acnes on the face resulting in blemishes and scars. With high zinc content, yogurt enables regulated production of testosterone. An increase of this hormone level initiates acne formation on the face. Zinc also helps in collagen production which in turn helps in delaying aging and retaining elasticity of the skin.

Yogurt: A Trusted Skin Care Product

Yogurt is definitely an all-rounder as far as skin care treatment is concerned. Combinations of yogurt with various other natural products like carrot, honey, lemon juice, orange juice, cucumber, egg white, milk, banana or oats can bring mind-boggling results. Being a non-irritant, yogurt is undoubtedly the safest way of maintaining the gorgeousness of the skin. This effective and inexpensive homemade yogurt face masks cater to numerous skin problems, thereby proving the versatility of yogurt.

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