3 Yoga For Flat Stomach

Yoga For Flat Stomach

Yoga For Flat Stomach

Those of you who think that yoga is only meant for celebrities or sages sitting up in the Himalayas, think again. This ancient practice of training the body and the mind (no, it is not just a form of exercise) is now gaining popularity as one of the most effective ways of keeping your body healthy and attractive.

The physical benefits of yoga range from increasing the body flexibility to curing various ailments. But one of the most frequent queries is whether yoga can help you get a flat stomach. So here is taking a look at the three yoga asanas (poses) that help in reducing the tummy and toning the abs.

Marjarasa: (the cat pose) Start by laying out a yoga mat. To do this asana, you first need to get into the quadruped position. Then taking a deep breath, start to pull your abs and butt inward.

The Cat Pose

Your spine should form an outward arch. Press your hands and knees firmly against the ground. Arch your spine as much as possible. The ideal duration for the asana is sixty seconds (20 breaths). But for beginners, 30 seconds would suffice. Then extend the duration to 45 seconds before going for 60 seconds.

Dhanurasana: (the bow pose) To do this asana, like flat on your stomach on a yoga mat. Keeping your legs together, bend them upwards from your knees. Grabbing the ankles with your hand, pull your legs upwards. Your upper body should rise above the floor. You reach the ideal position when only your stomach touches the ground.


Yours legs should be joined at the knees throughout. The ideal time for holding this position is 60 seconds. Beginners might find the pose a little intimidating. They should hold the pose only as long as they don’t experience any discomfort. Slowly increase the duration to 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

Pavanmuktasana: (wind-removing pose) For this asana, lie flat on your back. Bend your knees till the thighs touch your chest. Hug your knees by interlocking the fingers at the shin. Raise your upper body to touch your chin to the knees. Hold the position for a minute. If you experience discomfort, lower your upper body to the floor, but hold the rest of the position.



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