Working Women And Child Development

working mothers

In today’s world it is essential for women to work either to showcase her talent or to be financially independent. For a working woman family and child development is a big hurdle to overcome as she always feels more can be achieved.

However there are a few effects a working woman automatically promotes in her child. Independence and doing things on their own is a major contributing factor of a working woman on her child. As a working woman is not available all the time children tend to become better problem solvers.

The independence works negatively on boys as they are under the influence of peer pressure. Girls are basically traditional; hence independence will give them encouragement to take bold decisions in their lives.

It has been observed that working women have less time to spend with their children than non-working women. However the quality time spent by working women is more when compared to others as they always feel guilty and want to compensate the missed hours.

It has also been noted that working women in their effort to spend more time with their children seem to be get involved in activities that are more educational.

Working women because of lack of support sometimes have to leave their child at child care centre. Such children grow up to be more assertive and never buckle under peer pressure. This trend can change if the mother keeps a positive watch over her child.

Home environment has major role to play in the child’s upbringing than the day care center. Discipline and instructions given by the mother weighs more on the child than the influence of the environment at the care centre.

The implication and benefits of direction, teaching, guidance, discipline and love from home by working mothers is more important in the long run than the influences they get from the outside world. Working mothers feel more confident and satisfied in bringing up children as they feel their children are well prepared to face the outside world. However women working from home can exert the same influence from home retaining independence and having a positive effect on the child.

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