Winter Health Troubles- Just Have Look

Winter Health Troubles

Winter Health Troubles

Certainly winter brings with it an array of common health problems like running nose, sore throat and chest congestion etc. so just be careful a little more in this winter season to avoid any kind of health troubles to bother you. Here is some list of health ailments that affects everyone in some way or the other –just have a look!

If you are already a patient of diabetes and high blood pressure, don’t lose you heart in this winter season. Just be cautious as the winters put the diabetic patients at a greater risk of heart and brain stroke, so take adequate precautions. Remember that in winters, the arteries tend to shrink and blood pressure goes up! It can also lead arteries to rupture. So make sure you start paying attention to your health.


Fix the flu before it hits you badly. Flu can lead to headache, fever, shivering, and upper respiratory infections too. So strengthen your immunity system to fight against outside infections. Make sure you eat food items like papaya, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and guava etc to keep yourself warm this winter season. Also you can swallow a clove every morning to keep the infections at bay.


We all know frostbites happen in winters due to exposure to extreme cold weather that makes or skin hard and numb. So make sure you wear enough clothes to protect yourself from cold weather. You can also soak the affected area in warm water for sometime.

Wear Gloves

To get rid of chilblain, wear gloves and socks. Don’t forget to exercise on daily basis to keep the blood circulation on a good level. Avoid moving out after consuming alcohol. This is because alcohol causes arteries to dilate a when you go out in cold, arteries might get shrink leading to congestion and lung problem.