Winter allergies and their remedies


Undoubtedly you begin to sneeze and snuggle with the onset of winter season. Not only this, the cold weather comes with all kinds of allergies that either triggers or worsen the asthma and other respiratory illnesses like cold, cough, bronchitis etc.

Winter causes cold, cough and other throat problems. Cool winter air also leads to headaches. Though painkillers do help in treating headaches but the best way to protect winter headache is by wearing warm caps to protect ears and head from outside chills. The dry winter air can irritate your nasal passages and throat causing pharyngitis or sore throat. This dry scratchiness and painful swallowing in throat make you feel very miserable, so make sure you take deep care of yourself in winter season. Remember that an unresolved common cold can take the form of sinus, inflammation or infection of a sinus. So make sure you take timely treatment of cold. Keep in mind that the cough and bronchitis during this season can be quite irritating, so take medicines on time before it hits you badly.

For treating muscle aches and pains in winters, take non-steroidal inflammatory medications. Antihistamines can help in treating allergic coughs. Apart from this, salt water gargle, sucking throat lozenges and drinking plain water with or without honey or lemon greatly helps in curing cough problems.

Sipping hot soups with pepper helps in cleaning your sinus problem. Hot tea can soothe your sore throat. Eating spicy food can help in curing stuffy nose. It has been proved that chicken soup helps in reliving cold and flu symptoms. The chicken broth helps in relieving nasal congestion.

Intake of vitamin C, an antioxidant in the form of citrus fruits like strawberries, green peppers, parsley, potatoes, guavas, turnips, cantaloupe, apples, broccoli should be increased in diet to boost your immunity against winter allergies.

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