Why laughter is the best medicine-Read out


Undoubtedly there’s nothing in this world like laughter to make your body and mind rid of any kind of ailment. Laughter helps one to go for through life’s most difficult situations like break-ups, tensions in professional as well as in personal front of an individual in a smooth way to some extent. It loads off one’s shoulder thus making his /her life little better. Though laughter won’t be able to turn the negative situation into a positive one but definitely it will provide you with relaxation and tremendous energy to cope up with the tragic situations of your life.

Laughter provides you with number of health benefits in terms of reduced stress level, decreasing the risk of heart attacks, lowering your blood pressure level. It boosts your immunity system and brain functioning. It also cheers your mood and tremendously helps if you frequently suffer from mood swings. Remember that whenever you laugh, your body muscles get active which positively affects your respiratory and central nervous system. It increases your body’s natural painkillers endorphins plus releases immunoglobins. On the whole it provides you with general feeling of wellness and happiness.

Don’t be flabbergasted to hear that laughter not just add to you physical well-being but also contributes to your healthier and happier social life. Isn’t it wonderful! Remember that a person who possesses good sense of humor is always in demand no matter it’s a workplace or some gala evening. In workplace, such a person has better relationships with his or her fellow colleagues and boss. Positive attitude combined with good laughter and happier face all helps in increasing his or her productivity at workplace.

So, next you feel like getting hit by any sad feeling, go for some humorous books or watch a comic film, plays and T.V. program.

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