Ways to Stop Yourself from Feeling Hungry


FeelingHungry Do you often feel hungry with a desire to rush to the kitchen or to your fridge? Are you frequently overtaken by a desire to munch upon a packet of chips or take a bite of your favorite pizza?

Many times people start feeling hungry despite having a full meal.  Frequent episodes of hunger can lead to overeating which in turn can lead to layers of fat being deposited in your body.However, there are ways by which you can naturally stop yourself from frequently feeling hungry.

Changing your eating habits is the first and foremost step for naturally curbing your frequent bouts of hunger. Instead of having the traditional three meals a day, you should have small but frequent meals.

Don’t overstuff your stomach at one go. Instead, keep having something healthy after every couple of hours but you should ensure that what you have is a nutritious and a well balanced meal.

Most of us are in a habit of quickly finishing our meals. However, you should eat slowly and chew your food well. Also, try to include high fiber food items in your diet as they help in making you feel fuller without adding on to your calories.

Avoid excessive intake of processed foods. Also, avoid carbonated or sugary drinks. This is because such foods can lead to a rapid rise and dip in your blood sugar levels, making you feel hungry at frequent intervals.

There are times when a person indulges in emotional eating. When a person is sad, depressed, bored and lonely, he resorts to the comfort of food. You should prevent yourself from indulging in emotional eating.

Also, when hungry, you should try to distract your mind away from food.
Follow the above given tips to naturally stop yourself from frequently feeling hungry.

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  • Very interesting article. Getting yourself in the the right mindset where overating and emotional eating is concerned will eventually set you up for a healthier & fitter lifestyle. Once you have control of your mind, your body will follow.

  • Todd29

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