Ways to Solve Common Breastfeeding Problems


You must have heard numerous times that breastfeeding is best for your baby. No denying that fact as that’s absolutely true. However, there are certain common breastfeeding problems which you may be facing like bleeding or cracked nipples, white marks on nipples, red areas on the breast and also small lumps in it. Given below are simple ways by which you can easily solve these problems and continue breastfeeding your child.

In the early experience of breastfeeding, most women face the problem of breast engorgement. This happens when breast swell due to increase in milk production making it slightly uncomfortable for you. The best treatment of this problem is by removing milk from your breasts by breastfeeding your baby on demand, at least 8-10 times in a day. A massage can also help provide relief. Sometimes tender, small lumps also develop in breasts due to wrong way of sleeping, or by wearing a tight bra. Massaging the area using warm compress can help. Also, if possible, position the baby in such a way that, his jaw is near the lump so he can feed and help dissolving the lump. Another problem which often ails nursing mothers is that of Mastitis or breast infection. Usually women with breast infection have red, tender swollen areas of breast and can also experience chills, headaches and nausea. Many women also face the problem of bleeding, sore and cracked nipples. This usually happens due to wrong positioning of the baby during breastfeeding as a result of which the baby sucks the nipple and not the breast. Change the position of the child to avoid this problem and to heal it, you can express milk and rub it on the nipples. Whatever, be the problem, it can be easily solved and you should not just stop breastfeeding your child. If the problem persists or aggravates, consult your doctor.

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