Ways To Propose On Valentine’s Day

With the approaching of Valentine’s Day, the whole atmosphere gets filled with the romantic flavor of love. The famous adage-“love is in the air” fits perfectly on this day. For people waiting to propose their girlfriends or boyfriends, there is no better day than the famous day of love. Given below are some ways by which you can make your proposal a memorable one for your beloved.

Every one loves to be proposed in a highly romantic, special and a unique way. Many people end up spending loads of money during this day and eventually do not end up finding true love and happiness. The key to love is not money but true emotions and feelings. Thus, keep this point in mind while proposing your love. After all, a single stalk of rose given with extreme feelings and emotions has more worth and value than even a diamond set.

Simple basic things done right can make your proposal a memorable one. Thus, take your beloved out for a special candle night dinner and then propose her the stereotypical way. Even though old, this method clicks most often. You can also arrange for a dinner party at your place where you specially cook food for your love. The personal touch and effort always pays off. A romantic dinner on a cruise, a personalized gift of something like an album with snaps of memorable moments spent together is also a good idea.

You can also turn a poet and express your feelings through a self-written romantic poem. While such sentimental proposals usually sway away the women, there are also some bold ways of proposing your love. This includes something like proposing your love in front of a crowd, not with over confidence, but with true love and feelings. Whatever be the mode of proposal you adopt, always remember the language of love, feelings and emotions.