Ways to Prevent Premature Graying of Hair


A single strand of gray hair makes us feel old and depressed as it comes as a harsh indication of the passing away of our prime youth period. If the graying of hair accompanied by aging process can depress a person, imagine someone who suffers from premature graying of hair.

There are various factors that can make a person look old with gray hair even when one is young. These factors include nutritional deficiency, unhealthy body, environmental conditions, harmful UV rays, and excess of tension, stress and anxiety. Now that we know the causes of premature hair graying, given are the ways by which you can extend your youthful appearance and keep your hair naturally black without the need for dyes.

As mentioned above, diet plays an important role in keeping one’s hair healthy and black. Thus, to prevent premature graying of hair, one should consume a well balanced and a nutritional diet with special inclusion of foods that are high in iron, minerals and vitamins A and B. Carrots, bananas, and other fresh fruits and vegetables must be included in one’s diet to provide the body and hair with required essential nutrients and minerals.

Along with diet, there are some home remedies for the prevention and treatment of premature hair graying. These include eating one teaspoon everyday of a home made mixture made by combining grated fresh ginger with honey. Also, massage your hair with oils and follow proper scalp hygiene to ward off gray hair.

Along with the above mentioned steps, one should take care to keep one’s stress and anxiety levels under check to prevent premature graying of hair. Follow these tips and prolong your youth and its accompanying beauty, rather than gaining the appearance of an aged person, much before your scheduled time.

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