Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones


A common problem affecting many, kidney stones can be found in the kidney, ureter, bladder, or urethra. Kidney stones are lumps of solid matter which can be composed of calcium oxalate, uric acid or other crystals. However, it has been found that about 90 percent of stones contain calcium as the main ingredient. Moreover, the chances of recurring kidney stones are also very high. It thus becomes imperative to prevent this problem from occurring itself. Given below are the ways by which you can prevent the painful problem of kidney stones.

Kidney stones are usually characterized by intermittent pain originating in the flank or kidney; abdominal distension; nausea; vomiting; increased urination frequency and chills and fevers. Thus, as mentioned above, the best way to treat this problem is by preventing its occurrence. This can be done through simple preventive measures like drinking loads of water. Keeping your body hydrated through intake of water is essential to dilute the mineral or stone-forming salts in the urine. Since calcium stones are the most common kinds of kidney stones, a change in dietary habit is essential to reduce the risk of kidney stones. Experts usually recommend low calcium and a low oxalate diet. Patients with a history of calcium containing stones should avoid large intake of carbohydrate rich foods and alcohol consumption.

If your stones are composed of calcium and magnesium, then you should prefer acid producing food like bread, cereals, cheese, corn, cranberries, meat, fish, poultry, peanuts and others. Similarly, if oxalate and uric acid stones are being formed, then an alkaline diet is preferred which includes milk, fruits, vegetables, almonds, beans, dates, figs, spinach, olive and raisins amongst others. Thus, a proper diet accompanied by healthy living is the way towards prevention of formation of kidney stones.

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