Ways to Prevent Heartburns


So many of us often complain of heartburns and frequent acidity. This has lead to piling up of numerous medicines. But heartburn is a problem that can be easily prevented. All it needs is a healthy change in lifestyle. The following preventive tips will help you out.

Do you frequently binge on spicy, fatty and oily food? While there is no denying the fact that junk food is tasty, you should not forget that it is unhealthy. Thus, many people who overindulge in fried food often complain of acidity and heartburns. Replace your junk food items with fresh fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables and sprouts are particularly helpful in natural prevention of acidity and heartburns.

Along with avoiding spicy and fried food, you must try to eat smaller and frequent meals rather than stuffing yourself at one go. Also, reduce or refrain from intake of foods and beverages that lead to acidity. For instance, stay away from alcohol as it increases the production of stomach acid leading to heartburns. As it is, alcohol is something one should stay away from as it leads to numerous other health problems. Instead, have plenty of water as it helps in keeping you healthy and fit. If you are having heartburns, then a glass of cold milk can provide fast relief from heartburns.

If you suffer from frequent episodes of heartburns, then you need to change your lifestyle. Don’t eat food 2 to 3 hours before sleeping. Also, never lie down immediately after having your meals. Also, avoid sleeping in afternoons and also avoid staying up late at nights. Having a healthy and disciplined eating and sleeping time helps in preventing many problems.

Stress and tension can also aggravate the acidity problem leading to frequent heartburns. Thus, you must keep yourself calm and relaxed. Additionally, include exercise in your regular regime and remain fit and healthy to prevent heartburns.

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