Ways to Prevent Hair Loss


preventhairloss Hair loss is a problem faced by many people, be it men or women. While a limited shedding of hair is normal and natural, there are people who frequently shed and lose a lot of hair. This article will provide some useful tips that can help in preventing the problem of hair loss.

A poor diet, illness, stress, and overwork are some of the factors that can lead to hair loss. To prevent this problem, you should first find out the factor responsible for your hair loss. Avoid excessive stress, tension and anxiety.

A healthy and a well balanced diet is a must to have healthy and strong hair. You should have a diet which is rich in protein. In addition, a diet rich in important vitamins like vitamin B, C and E helps in preventing hair fall. Fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial for your hair. Also, add calcium to your diet and have plenty of water.

A healthy lifestyle is important for preventing hair loss. Along with a well balanced diet, you need a sound sleep so that you don’t end up losing your hair due to stress and exhaustion.

Proper hair care is needed to prevent hair loss. Avoid excessive use of chemicals on your hair. Thus, avoid frequent perming and coloring of hair. Similarly, one should also limit the use of hair dryers to prevent hair loss due to excessive drying of hair.

It has been found that tightly tying your hair with a band leads to stretching of hair which in turn leads to hair breakage. Thus, while tying your hair, you should ensure that you don’t overstretch them.

If your problem of hair loss is due to some infection like fungal infection, then you must consult a doctor and get the infection treated.

Follow the above given tips to naturally prevent the problem of hair loss.

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